Leaving the Nocticron 42.5mm for the Sigma 56mm

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Re: ALL of it is false

Interceptor121 wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Both lenses are very good quality but anyone serious about portrait work would not choose between those two lenses between a small size difference but would base their choice on the BIG difference in focal length

Unless one shoots mostly head and shoulders portrait there is no doubt that the FOV of the Nocticron is MUCH BETTER suited to portrait work


Not my experience with the focal length of 43mm you need a lot space for more than a headshot at 1 meter the frame width is only 41 cm

This is ALL untrue . First of all the Nocticron is actually wider than the 42,5mm of the Lumix lens . there has been a few tests on you tube to show that and since I have all this 40mm something lenses I conducted a test myself and was able to determine that the Nocticron is closer to a 41mm.

It may not sound like  much but in real life at the short distances you mentioned it does make a BIG difference

so to get a person in full and some headroom you need 4.5 meters in my house I have only one room that is that long

unless you photograph people over 7 feet tall this is exaggerated . normally you can get someone full length with a shorter distance than the one you mentioned

so what I had to do to capture a full figure was to go outside as the lens is bulky this was a pain
so this was mostly for headshots and you can get the same with the sigma in a house

Not also false . You cannot get it both ways . if you say that you can barely get a headshot at 1 or 1.5 m with the Nocticron you can not pretend that this is the same with the sigma

outdoors there is no problem and the sigma has at least a splashproof mount

yes but not really relevant unless you shoot under HEAVY rain

obviously if you have access to a studio or a house with 6 meters room this is different but in UK this is rare

No my studio  has several rooms ans most of my shots with the Nocticron are made with a shorter distance than the 4.5 meters you mentioned ?

are you using a different image ratio than the native 4.3 ratio maybe ?

The most used lens for all my portraits and functions is the 25mm for this reason

This was the same when I was shooting Nikon so it has been foolish for me not to consider that however with the sigma being so light it is easier to take it around

I am glad you are happy with the Sigma . it is just the info you give is not true or something else is missing here


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