Tamron releasing lenses for Z mount

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Re: Tamron is an unreliable off-brand

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Photo_AK wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

PrinzMegaherz wrote:

While I have a Z6, I actually regret choosing it over a Sony A7 because there is no affordable native 70-200.

No one forces you to use a native lens - there are plenty of alternatives.

He WANTS, WISHES, PREFERS ... a native lens and that's perfectly legit.

Nikon, similar a similar way to Canon and the L mount alliance, is introducing Z based on Nikon's timetable.

"He" either waits a few years for exactly what is desired, accepts using an FTZ - or throws the baby out with the bath bath water! This is entirely his choice.

His choice was something else - going with Sony ...
He's not the only one and that's how Nikon is slowly loosing it's customer base. Well, maybe a better term would be Nikon is not building-up their ML user base fast enough or at least not as fast, as they could.

My personal opinion is going with 24-70/4 S instead of 24-120/4 (or 24-105/4) at Z series launch in 2018 was a wrong decision. Having the option of 24-120/4 right from the start would give users some leverage while waiting for 70-200/4.

Panasonic went with a great trio of f/4 lenses in the same period of time; pro-grade versions of 16-35/4 and 70-200/4 + a 24-105/4 non-pro grade - giving users the options of covering FLs from 16 to 200mm with 3 f/4 zoom lenses.

On the other hand I think the decision to offer users f/1.8 prime lenses in 20, 24, 35, 50 and 85 FLs was great, that one was a bingo! I do miss the 28/1.8 S, though ...

There is no similar E mount lens in the Sony system either, and the Canon equivalent being EOS mount requires an adaptor

Not true - Sony does offer a 70-200/4 G lens, and also 70-300/4.5-5.6 G, while Canon offers RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 to somehow fill the telephoto gap between 70-200/2.8 and 600/11 lenses.

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