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Re: Slideshows

ChuckB wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Is PTE the best thing around or are there any others in that league, or better?

Any advice or comments welcome, thanks.

Sorry but PTE is the only slide show editor I have used. I don't even know the names of the competitors.

OK, thanks. I have been scouring the PTE pages and tutorials for seeing what it can do and I think it will be what I end up with. Some pretty fancy tricks available in there. Though I am a believer of keeping it simple and easy to watch so won't be trying to add all known features into the one show, that is always stressful for viewers.

One early days mistake of mine was creating a slideshow on a desktop monitor, then later showing it on a large TV. Mistake, too much pan and zoom movement on a big screen makes for sea-sickness. Must test a review on a large screen before final product produced. Subtle movements work best in my view.

My mental gold standard of a good slideshow was something I saw in a shopping mall in possibly Massachusetts in 1977. It was a New Hampshire "come visit us" slideshow booth that absolutely floored me with the style and presentation and dynamic showing. In those days of course it was a bunch of synchronised Carousel projectors, I counted 9 of them working. It created a show that would have matched what PTE seems to do. Amazing, I still remember it well.

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