28-35mm Prime choice for A7C?

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Re: 28-35mm Prime choice for A7C?

Anecdotal obviously, but I've had decent luck with Samyang lenses and haven't needed (or felt the need) to try multiple copies.

My 18/2.8 seems to be about as expected, good but not perfect at 2.8 and great at 4.0-5.6 (open box for $260), as most reviews suggest. My 35/2.8 is surprisingly good, and I bought it used for about $150. My 75/1.8, which I bought new for retail, seems great even wide open. I bought a 14/2.8 used in pretty rough shape and it outperformed my good copy of a Voigtlander 15/4.5 (though I kept the V15 due to smaller size/lower weight and sold the S14).

The only marginally negative experience I've had with Samyang is a used 24/2.8 (again about $150, maybe it was even less), which was fairly soft wide open, but that seems to be the general expectation with that lens.

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