Pentax K-3 MKIII: good job Pentax!!

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Pentax K-3 MKIII: good job Pentax!!

Well, lots to talk about this new camera and these discussions will go on for a while here  Finally, we have a spec sheet, a potential date of release and an estimated price. All this is good.

Release date:

Is this camera arriving too late? Yes, for sure. Many people jumping ships in past three years could have been prevented. But with everyone moving towards MILCs and a general decline in camera sales over all, I doubt Ricoh would had achieved anything significant by releasing this camera in 2018-19. Anyhow, that’s history.

Marketing/announcement video:

Its just pathetic. I think even most fanboys would agree that Pentax is terrible at marketing.

Features (glass half empty or half full?):

It all depend on how you look at it. Is this camera offering many things that other manufacturers have offered years ago? Yes, for sure. D500 is more than 5 year old and touch screen on cameras is a really old feature by now (e.g., NX300 is 8 year old). Other than the things like Bluetooth version, FPS (partially dependant on cheaper processing chips), USB type C etc., the “meat” of the camera is NOT more advance than the now “old” DSLR models by Nikon and Canon. Based on most of the key features, It is a 2017-18 camera released in 2021. So, from sales perspective, this camera does not have enough to sell like hot cakes IMHO.

Now the glass-half-full version:

In Pentax world, this camera is a HUGE upgrade over previous cameras in many features. It is simply the most advance “Pentax” DSLR to date.

Will I buy it?

I wasn’t planning to buy it but the improvements in AF system have tempted me  Got to see reviews and tests of it though. There are some big drawbacks for me like the fixed screen but let’s ignore that for a while. I think now that the AF system is sorted (again, pending reviews and tests etc) the next Achilles heel is getting their lens line-up sorted out. Even if the K-3 iii AF system is as good as it can be, lens choice is really an issue. A few days ago, we were debating on a thread about the limited primes and people still think they are fine as they are. Well, really? Now you see K-3 iii's spec sheet and realize that those limited primes won’t be able to catch up with the new and much improved AF system (again, pending reviews and tests). Sometimes defending blindly results in tunnel vision 

The departure of Sigma and other third-party manufacturers is also a huge drawback to K-3 III. I, for instance, would love to use many of Sigma’s fast zoom lenses on this K-3 III. I really hope that AF issues of Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 do not pass on to K-3 III as that is more important for me than getting a new Pentax 16-50mm f/2.8 lens. Anyhow, one thing is clear that the spec sheet of K-3 III has tempted me enough to reconsider all these things. So, good job Pentax 

Now regarding the future of Pentax brand:

This camera is going to take nearly three years to reach the users (from announcement of K-3 replacement in 2018 to 2021). It is pointless to even imagine a next camera at this point. I won’t be surprised if K-3 MKIII is the last Pentax DSLR to appear in the market. I hope I am wrong but the financial situation of Ricoh, Ricoh’s market share, the “nothing wow” about K-3 MKIII, limited lens choice, no major third-party manufacturer supporting K-mount, constant decline in ILC sales as a whole, trend towards MILCs systems, etc. etc., all point towards the same possibility. Then again, stranger things have happened in the past and I would be pleased if more Pentax cameras are produced in future.

Nonetheless, I think it is great that there will be a Pentax DSLR camera that is “competent” enough to survive for a while. Imagine if Pentax brand would disappear without K-3 III? No one would be buying used Pentax gear in few years because it is sooooo outdated compared to other DSLRs from Nikon/Canon. With K3 MKIII, the Pentax gear will be used for a lot longer even if Pentax stops producing any more cameras. So, a pretty good camera as a “last” camera. Again, good job Pentax!!

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