Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

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Re: Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

drmarkf wrote:

I’ve been on 6 pro-led street photography workshops in various countries since 2015, and I can only recall 2 attendees (other than me) with full frame Sonys (and I only use mine for low light & night street shooting). Everyone else was using m4/3 or APSC during the day (especially Fuji and Ricoh, with a handful of A6xxx bodies).

There’s a reason for that, while the other reason explains why FF high-Mp Sonys are now justifiably so popular on landscape workshops.

The OP needs to decide which way he wants to go.

Thanks for posting.  Unfortunately it's not that simple for me, as I enjoy all genre's.  So which camera is the jack of all trades , and master of none.

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