Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

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Re: Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

PWPhotography wrote:

42mp A7r II with such lens destroys 26mp APS-C X100V easily, not that close.

FE 35/2.8 ZA is actually not among the sharpest prime lenses on E-mount, but still be much sharper than APS-C X100V with the fixed prime. The reason is very clear that the much smaller APS-C sensor has to enlarge pixels much more to project to the same size of output which is the same as digital cropping. As a matter of fact, 61mp A7r IV in APS-C mode (as cropped to 1.5x AOV) = 26mp APS-C sensor in resolution (and entire IQ).

Not even close

FE 35/2.8 ZA on A7r II, full size. No way X100V could have such resolution/sharpness

But then not only resolution/sharpness, but entire IQ spectrum including DR, SNR (signal/noise ratio), high ISO ...,Sony%20ILCE-7RM2

Such as DR difference as shown in above links is about 1.5 stop (note, 26mp Fuji APS-C cameras base ISO starts at 160 that sacrificed highlight headroom). Fuji X-trans is known to apply NR in high ISO to get fake 'cleanness' on the price of smearing details and waxy look, and its high ISOs not on the same mark of Bayer sensors that is 1/2~2/3 stop off, so its ISO 3200 is about Bayer-sensor's ISO 4000 brightness on the same exposure for example.


processed from above with Canon EF 24-70L/2.8 II via MB4 adapter. X100V APS-C will not have such freedom to lift shadow and recover highlight on the same time.

Thanks everybody for taking the trouble to reply.  These forums are great.  So much knowledge.  I like the DR of the Sony and I certainly understand PWPhotographys point.  I was all set to use the X100V but sent it back.  I found it irritating to use.  The lens focus system in my opinion was very noisy ( focus motor ) , the camera at the rear became warm / very warm under moderate use.  Not happy with this on a £1299 camera.  I then thought about the Sony ( great DR / room for cropping due to high M/P count / and that sweet but capable Zeiss / Sony 35mm F2.8.  Plan to use camera for street / landscape / travel etc.  Adam

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