Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

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Re: Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

drmarkf wrote:

I used to use an A7Rii with the Zony 35 f2.8 for street photography, including at night, and in the past I’ve owned an X100T, also for street.

Are you interested in other aspects than purely image quality? Plus, what sort of usage are you planning - street, or more than that?

There are significant practical usage and handling differences between the set-ups, so I’d strongly recommend getting them in your hands for a proper try-out before committing yourself. I’d say these were more important than the quality of the final images, but your needs might well vary (are you really producing street photography prints of that size???).

The X100V is much faster ergonomically: the leaf shutter is essentially silent even when shot ‘mechanically’, while the Rii’s electronic shutter suffers much more from rolling effects and can’t be used in drive mode. Silent shutter makes close-in candid street shooting enormously easier, but maybe we won’t be doing too much of that in the near future in view of the pandemic. The Fuji has good, fast modern single and continuous AF, while the Sony is 2 models in the past and (relatively) continuously focuses like a brick.

So, if you are choosing between these for street shooting, I’d say either would be fine for ‘field’ type images where you zone focus and want deep dof to get layered images, but if you also want narrow dof to get subject isolation with moving subjects, you’d be a lot better off with the Fuji. To go with Sony for that, IMHO you’d need an A7iii or A9.

Agreed.  Street photography is rarely about zooming in to the last pixel and worrying about epic sharpness.  As well, output size is going to matter here.  The great lens on the Fuji, in a print at say 16x24, is going to look about the same as the Sony.  So if we are talking about viewing on an iPad , or computer screen, or prints out to say 16x24, you really won’t be seeing any difference.  I think either option is a good choice...but for street work, the size of the camera and its silent operation gives the nod to the Fuji...unless you are printing street work out past 30” wide all the time.

I’d play with both cameras on the street, and talk to people who do street photography.  People who don’t really have no idea about the topic.

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