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grisog wrote:

Why does this building look like its collapsing inward? (Leaning backwards)

As already said, it's ordinary perspective. Point the camera to the right sand things look smaller at the right-hand side than on the left.

This is true of anything and any way you look. Our brains "know" about this so they automatically correct for vertical perspective - so just standing in front of the building you'd see the uprights as vertical. But that's just a - very convenient - optical illusion.

I run into this problem whenever I'm fairly close to my subject.

It's not actually directly because you're close; but when you are close to a building you tend to point the camera upwards, and it's that upward tilt that causes the perspective effect.

What am I doing wrong and what should I be doing differently?

It's not really "wrong" but the solution to the problem is to make sure you keep the camera dead level. You'll probably need to step back or use a wider angle lens to get the building in, of course.

You'll get a lot of unwanted rubbish at the bottom of the frame: you just crop that away. This shows the full photo as taken; I cropped the section I've made pale away, leaving the square section at top as the finished photo.

The alternative, as already suggested, is to use "perspective correction" but it tends to look artificial when the original is as tapered as this.

Sides leaning inwards

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