Adobe Photoshop 2021 vs Luminar 4 - Sky Replacement

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Re: Adobe Photoshop 2021 vs Luminar 4 - Sky Replacement

Chris Sargent wrote:

ATP62 wrote:

Check out this video by Jim Nix. Photoshop seems to struggle , while Luminar is doing a great job.

10:50 in the video , Photoshop has problem with the sky behind the tree.

In my experience to date the two applications are quite comparable. Luminar often struggles with elements of a scene especially if the existing sky has high contrast elements (e.g. Clouds and Highlights)

They're comparable as a one click fix but Photoshop has more to offer once you get going.

I've spent much of the afternoon replacing skies, using photoshop, on images from a grey, murky airshow, all of which had been replaced already using Luminar.

The Luminar replacements were, at best, adequate. There were loads of artifacts and in places bits of sky or aircraft were missing or replaced with patches of plain grey.

The Photoshop replacements (of the replacements) have turned out much better.

I used my own collection of skies which is now (tediously!) uploaded to Photoshop's sky thing.

Once the sky's been added to the image, all of the sliders work as they should; I found that Luminars,' by comparison, had little effect but I've yet to fathom out how to make adjustments directly on Photoshop's layer masks.

They come with their own brushes but all that I've been able to do with them, so far, has been to make a mess.

I even saved the whole thing as a PSD and reopened it using an old version of Photoshop (in case the problem lay with v.22) but no, I still just made a mess!

Onto the negative and neither programme actually 'cut's' its mask around the foreground. Instead the foreground lies over it and consequently there's a 'bleed' of sky evident in the foreground.

It's possible, using Photoshop to push the mask upwards which can help, in fact by scaling it up; just use the slider, and you can push it all over the place (I don't think you can do that using Luminar) but it's not ideal.

Using the dodge tool on the finished article helps as can using the 'divide' trick to remove it as a colour cast. Again, not ideal but worth a try.

So far, I'm reasonably impressed by Photoshop's efforts. I'll be more so, once I've figured out the layer masks. I my experience, despite initial similarities to Luminar, Photoshop's going to be a clear winner.

Now I've got to re-process about a thousand murky airshow images . . . !

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