X100V portraits / anxieties

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X100V portraits / anxieties

I’ve gotten into shooting some lowlight portraits alongside my street and travel photography. It's been a fun discovery, to involve people in my otherwise empty landscapes. But as much as I love my X100V, shooting faces in low light makes me aware of its limits. Or maybe it's me...

Files are noisier than I’d like, at higher ISOs especially of course, and without IBIS or OIS, 1/60s is even risky for me. The details get a bit mushy as the light disappears as well, even shooting in RAW. Does anyone else experience this? Is it a LightRoom problem, or my lack of post-processing/exporting skills?

I'm also finding myself in that annoying desire for more background separation. The f2 isn't bad, but could be "better". It makes me want for another camera, if I'm honest, to compliment the X100V, which is more suited for my general street/travel stuff (on my Instagram).

You could call it GAS, but it's really been my plan all along to have two cameras, and right now the X100V is technically sufficing. But it won't once I start traveling again. This portrait stuff is just pushing me quicker than I thought it would.

The Q2 is my dream camera (and I posted this on the Leica forum too, since there's no "fixed lens" forum). It adds more DoF, stabilization, more MP for crops and detail, better UX for multiple FOVs, presumably more DR... But of course that price tag is extremely intimidating. And adding a second fixed lens prime isn't the most prudent idea, I guess...

I'm still circling the X-Pro3 as my next ILC to replace the GX9 (examples at the end below, reasons evident), and if I got that, I could add an f1.4 or 1.2 lens to better achieve what I'm going for here. But I still wonder if it will satisfy me...

I'm hoping the X-E4 has IBIS - that would really help what I'm going for, in more ways than one. (Video is another interest.) I'm just losing too many shots/files due to motion blur under 1/60s on the X100V. It's  frustrating to be limited by that. I'd love to keep my ISO lower, but that's just not realistic currently.

Am I being crazy to find fault in any of this? Are these complaints unwarranted?

Here are some examples of what I'm doing:


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