Canon RP + 24-105mm F4-7.1 bundle for $999

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Re: Canon RP + 24-105mm F4-7.1 bundle for $999

MikeJ9116 wrote:

I would gladly pay the extra $200 to get the RF 24-240mm lens over the RF 24-105mm STM. You get twice the range with the long end being brighter and much faster AF for the $200.

I never found the AF to be faster, but the 24-240 is a sharper lens throughout the range.  It ends up being f5.6 at 104mm vs f7.1 on the 24-105.

What the 24-105 has in it's favor is that it's so much lighter, by about half.  The 24-240 is really kind of a beast on the Rp, being long, fat and heavy.  The 24-105 seems like it was made to fit the Rp.   Also the 24-105 does approx 1:2 macro close focusing.

Both lenses really need lens profiles for the wide end or you'll have vignetting.  And the 24-240 has really bad CA without that profile.

I found that there were things I liked a lot about both, but ended up going with the 24-105L over either

I will caution as someone who is selling both of these lenses recently, the market is flooded.  They are hard to sell unless you give them away.  So don't buy one thinking you are going to flip the kit lens for big bucks.

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