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Re: GM 100-400 mm is very useful!

Magnar W wrote:

mreynolds767 wrote:

Sony 100-400 GM ; would expect best IQ for this and tempted by it. Size and weight is a bit of a turnoff and don't love the White ;

This is probably the lens I use most, and I can carry the camera with this combo in my hand all day long. Sharpness is excellent wide open, and autofocus is very fast and reliable thanks to two focus motors. I can't think of any lens that can replace this one for me. Maybe a 400 mm f:4 prime or something like that, but then I would miss the flexibility of the zoom.

but really cost is likely biggest reason I have not pulled the trigger on this.

Still well worth the money, I would say! Well built, and excellent glass.

The ability to down the road add a Sony TC is also a nice feature of this lens.

For extra reach I sometimes use the 1.4x teleconverter. Great sharpness.

+1 for Magnar’s comments on the 100 - 400. I have the 70 - 300, too, and after making the jump to the 100 - 400, the 300 stays home quite a bit. Like Magnar, it is on my camera a lot with it’s versatility and excellent IQ. It really changed my thinking about many landscape and other opportunities. I’ve carried it for hours including shortish hikes and also had it in my backpack for longer treks when I thought I might want to isolate instead going wide without regret. For walk around shooting, I like it paired with the PD Slide strap. You won’t regret the native glass if you’re seeing compositions but not able to get there with the 300. As a bonus, it’s a fun “macro at a distance” lens as well. I’m stumped why they went with the white - kind of reminds of how most computers were beige at one time - but I got over that quickly after shooting with it. Maybe there is a source for good quality black wraps for it?

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