In camera raw processing... im using it

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Re: In camera raw processing... im using it

TheGrilledCheese wrote:

BobdoIe wrote:

Here's an example.

Try to ignore the lens/composition issues here. I used a 12mm f2.8 and did a custom distortion + perspective correction. I could have set the camera lower and I really shouldn't have tried the shot, but... It works. I think what I really need is to get back my voigtlander 15mm.

The purpose of this photo is to show the ridiculously bright rich colors and how nikon corrects for uncontrolled lighting.

Just try it it. All you'll lose is 20 seconds and the space taken up by one jpeg

See the dark smudge next to the window in the room on the left? THAT is why you don't use D-Lighting on interiors. Did you notice how the walls in the two bedrooms appear to be different colors? That's not good for RE either. You don't want every room to look like it is a slightly different color when they are all painted the same.

This is the wrong way to shoot a home, IMHO. If I paid a photographer and got such halos and blown out windows, I would demand a reshoot or a refund. These kinds of artifacts and false colors are not acceptable.

i appreciate the feedback. now i cannot unsee the smudge. the smudge carries over onto the doorway casing in the foreground too. 
if i do this in the future, i'm going to get another shot with the blinds closed

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