Genuine ( Non Flame!) Question - Why Fuji?

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Re: Genuine ( Non Flame!) Question - Why Fuji?

For me, it was the luck of the draw. I bought the X-M1 when I was in college as an impulse purchase because it looked cool. I was actually debating between the X-M1 or the Samsung NX300.

I used the X-M1 with the 16-50mm kit lens for very basic things. Shot mostly in auto or aperture priority and for whatever reason I stopped using it after a few years.

Earlier this summer, I had the external hard drive with my X-M1 photos plugged into my TV and was showing them to my sister and she commented that the image quality was great. I helped her find a mirrorless camera and in the process, got back into photography and I've been on a spree buying new gear.

I was deciding on a camera body to replace my X-M1 and was deciding between Fuji, Canon, Sony and Panasonic. I came across a good deal on OfferUp for the XF 27mm, which I wanted even back when I first got my X-M1. I scheduled the meetup and the seller was actually a celebrity I really liked. I bought this lens and it was enough to convince me to get an X-T3. I don't plan on moving away from Fuji at this point!

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