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Steve Balcombe wrote:

Bogibbes wrote:

Hi guys,

First off, I'm a new Canon user, having got the R5 about a month ago. I'm coming from the Fuji ecosystem.

I originally bought into Fuji for travel photography, but over the years became predominantly interested in wildlife photography. I had been using their 200mm f2 lens with the 1.4x TC as my primary wildlife lens. At an equivalent 400mm f/2.8 I found it adequate for most of my photography.

It's not 400 mm f/2.8 equivalent, it's 420 mm f/4.2, factoring in both the 1.5x crop factor and the 1.4x TC. The difference will be important if you're comparing with a potential full frame lens for the R5. So an EF 500 mm f/4 gives you 19% more reach and a very small increase in aperture - nice to have, but not night and day.

But you said you found the Fuji lens adequate for most of your photography, so the 500 would certainly do the job too. It also performs superbly with the EF 1.4x III to give you a very nice 700 mm f/5.6.

I left Fuji because I had always been a little disappointed in their AF performance, which compared now to the R5, is like comparing a bottle rocket to the SpaceX rockets.

Now that I'm over at Canon, I'm currently using the RF 100-500 lens, which is very nice, but I really miss having that fast prime experience and performance. I would very much like to get a Canon super tele in my kit.

The extra reach of the big prime with a 1.4x can be irreplaceable, but the featherweight combination of the R5 and 100-500 is superb. I have a 600, but I will often use the 100-500.

Well to be honest, I'm not comparing any superteles to the Fuji prime that I had, I'm mostly comparing the RF 100-500 to the Fuji. In terms of light gathering the Fuji was f2.8. I don't really care for the DOF equivalency, it is what it is on the system that you're using. In terms of light gathering, the RF 100-500 is SLOW compared to what I was used to. At 400-500mm where I usually use the 100-500, is where I would really appreciate the faster superteles.

I expect the 500 f4 to be a night and day difference compared to the 100-500 mm at 500mm f7.1

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