Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

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Re: Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground


You lack too many "gadgets" to do what you want. Here is the setup I would recommend, but assuming you had the following "tools" already

1. Your building has (already) Wi-Fi that reaches outdoors reliably.

2. You can borrow or get an older model "Smartphone" that can connect to Wi-Fi (many folks upgrade all the time, and there are lots of spares around, depending on your family and friends type environment.) The smartphone uses the building's Wi-Fi.

3. Buy a wireless, battery powered camera that connects to the same Wi-Fi, thus transmitting live views to the Smartphone. (Then you can use it as a great "monitor" or "security" cam.)

All this sounds complicated, but it's relatively simple once their communication is set up, and would work with your "up the pole" idea.

I use a brand "Wyze" camera (wired for power) but they make a battery-powered, outdoor version as well. (I understand they are weatherproof, i.e, splashproof, too.)

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