Have you noticed that you can connect your phone to the R5 while it’s turned off?

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But is your On/Off button physically "Off" when you wake the the camera via BT, the way you described?

Yes, this is the way it works on the R (I don't have the R5). Turned off via the power on-off switch and still it wakes up when use the app to connect.

I find this convenient if I want to browse (and perhaps ) the pictures I've taken when the camera is already in the bag. Very cool on public transport or in a café (where taking out the camera might be inconvienet and/or attract the wrong kind of attention).

Thanks but I need to positively know if he is getting that behavior from the R5.


Yes, when the power switch is physically "off" on the R5, I can still connect to it via my phone.


I'll dive into the manual and menus to try and see why mine does not work the way you described.

The caution note about bluetooth and residual power consumption would indicate that mine is the one working correctly, since it does not mention "physically off". Auto Power Off puts the camera on standby and does not turn the camera off-off.

Meanwhile, are you on iOs or Android?


IOS. But note that it doesn't always work. I just tried it now, my camera has been powered off and I haven't touched it for 2 days. First attempt, connection failed. So I brought the camera closer to me, as it was in another room. As soon as I click on "Images on Camera", the camera makes a sound like the shutter opening, but not as loud. But the connection failed again. But I'm obviously making a connection as I hear the sound, so I try a third time to see what that sound is, and this time it asks me if I want to join my camera and then the photos appear. I have the same experience in the field with the camera powered on, for example when I want to use it for remote live viewing, it's always hit and miss. I hope they release a patch to make the connection more reliable.

Ok. It seems I have finally figured it out.

I removed the battery form the camera, with the button in the "Off" position, then re-inserted the battery.

The LCD went blank during the process but it still showed the BT link icon after the battery was re-inserted (as expected, since having the BT link always on is my selection in the wireless menu options and the menu configurations are not erased when the batteries are exchanged).

I then made a connection request from "cold" from the Camera Connect app, in my tab and, this time around it did go through a series of messages:

1. "Preparing".

2. "Connection failed."

(pressed "OK" and repeated the connection request)

3. "Searching for networks..."

4. "Device to use with Camera Connect" (searched for a while)

...and then it connected!

(...it disconnects after some 10-15 seconds if no action is taken on the app, in order to revert the camera to power saving standby mode, which makes sense...).

Now...if the app goes to sleep then, when trying to reconnect, I get the message "Connection failed. Could not open function. Try again or try after turning the camera on."

I always reacted to this message by turning the camera on, hence my initial perception but, if I repeat the operation it then connects to the camera via steps 1, 3 and 4, described above.

It seems that the logic associated to that "Connection failed" message pertains to the situations where the app as already been used for a previous connection.

From now on, to guarantee a connection even with the "On/Off" switch in the "Off" position, I will:

1. Ensure that the Camera Connect app is started from cold.

2. Insist with the "try again" part of the "connection failed" message if it is displayed.

Thank you for having helped me to better understand this amazing piece of equipment.


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