D7500 iso noise

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Shunda777 wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Interesting that 1 stop is considered a ' huge advantage.

Have you ever shot astrophotography in pitch black conditions?

Take it further, why use an f2.8 lens for astro? why not just use an f4 kit lens? have we all been fooled into buying expensive fast glass?

I mean , we are not talking film...nor 12 year old cameras.

One stop is one stop, then, now, and forever more.

If one was to use DXO PL with PRIME, I would think most would not see that 1 stop difference.

ISO 800 and 1600 on even the D7500 would not really show much difference, me thinks.

lol, I've been doing this for some time and can tell you that it most certainly does make a difference.

I personally will never do astrophotography and I doubt the vast majority of photogs would either.  So grading a camera's performance strictly by how it would do shooting the stars in pitch black conditions to me just isn't a fair test.  I shoot real world locations, typically in daytime, maybe early morning or early sunset, ya know, real world stuff.

Has anyone here looked at the samples I put up a few days ago with real world high ISO performance?

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