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Bender79ita wrote:

There's a little more to it... like in low light, when the D610 won't even focus,

Well, it will focus in low light, I do it all the time.

while the D7500 will focus in pitch black..

Yes, my D7500 can focus in remarkable situations, so far I have never needed this 'extra' capability. it's performance on the margins for specialized photography, but it is indeed there if needed.

. or serious action, where the DX body has basicly unlimited buffer and super fast tracking and fps.

The OP is shooting flowers, my comment was related to his question about whether dx or fx would be better for low noise shots. FX is better.

Incidentally, I shot motorbike street races on the weekend with both the D610 and D7500, the D610 did just fine, 6fps does the job. While the D7500 is indeed better for the action side of the equation, the D610 produced the better images on the day due to a depth of field advantage.

We want to compare image quality from an action camera to a "portrait" camera ok, but real world is more then just about the sensor.

No one ever suggested otherwise, but referring back to the OP, FX is better for his low noise requirement.

It's the same thing as the recurring question "a6400 vs A7II", if you want just a sensor buy FF, if you want a complete camera buy APS-C (on equal budget of course, otherwise just buy a D850 or A7RIV).

Or get a used FX camera like the D610 for little outlay and have a D7500 as well, (like what I have done). Best of both worlds for the cost of a mid range zoom lens.

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