28-35mm Prime choice for A7C?

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Re: 28-35mm Prime choice for A7C?

diablo2man wrote:

Hi everyone,

I finally decide to buy an A7C after years of relying on the iPhone for taking photos. Got the kit lens and a Sony 1.8/85 for portraits. Now I'm struggling with which or whether to buy a prime lens in the 28-35 range because one of the main usages will be taking unlimited photos of my newborn boy in a few weeks 85mm is probably too tight for this purpose

Sony 2.8/35 seems like a perfect prime for A7C due to size/look but I'm a bit worried about the performance indoor (although I would imagine the toddler doesn't move that much at least for the first year).

Sony 2/28 seems like a better lens vs 2.8/35 in most aspects but just slightly bulkier. Is there any reason I should choose 2.8/35 instead of this one?

Sony 1.8/35 also looks like a good one too but bulkier than above

Or maybe not buying a prime for this range and just use the kit lens to start?

Thanks in advance for your input!

The Sony 35/2.8 is a very expensive lens for what it is (slow-ish aperture, good but not exceptional image quality, doesn't focus very close, so-so AF). If you're interested in this one, look for a used copy, you can find them for closer to half off.

I haven't used the 28/2, it seems like a solid lens but some are a little disappointed in the image quality wide open. If you want a slightly wider lens, this would be a decent choice.

The 35/1.8 is a great lens, very fast and accurate AF, solid image quality even wide open, focuses fairly close, and has weather sealing and a focus hold button (that can be customized). Negatives for this one are the price, if you're in the US you can buy new from Canada for around $600 (800 CAD) rather than $750.

There's also the Samyang 35/2.8. This lens has similar specs and image quality to the Sony 35/2.8, is even smaller, and is more affordable. If you look for a used copy you can find them for $150-175. Build quality is worse than the Sony 35/2.8 though of course, but it's very lightweight.

Then there's the new Samyang 35/1.8. I haven't used it yet (not shipping in the US yet) but this one seems to be a good alternative to the Sony 35/1.8. Image quality looks good from reviews, it's a little smaller and lighter than the Sony, it also has weather sealing, and reportedly better build quality than some of Samyang's other lenses. Retail is $400. Negatives are that it doesn't focus quite as close (but closer than the 35/2.8s) and AF is probably not quite as good as the Sony 35/1.8 (but should still be good as Samyangs recent lenses like the 75/1.8 have been).

My personal recommendation would be one of the 35/1.8s, whichever one is the size/price you're more comfortable with.

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