Keys for choosing a zoom lens for Fujifilm.

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Re: Keys for choosing a zoom lens for Fujifilm.

The most important question is how wide you want to go with one zoom lens.

Really wide ones are 8-16 (the most expensive one) and 10-24, but in my opinion it's not the best option for portraits.

I think XF 16-55 (called BRICK due to its weight and size) would be the best choice in terms of versatility and quality for wide landscapes and the portraits, especially if you have IBIS.

There are few XF 18-xxx zooms, but they're slower and have worse IQ than 16-55.

I have XF 10-24 and XF 18-55 and I'm quite happy with them, but for portraits I prefer XF 35/1.4 or... XF 55-200 on its long end (very nice bokeh when backround isn't too close to the subject).

If XF 16-55 is too expensive then you can try XF 16-80 (seen mixed opinions and didn't use it so far).

XF18-55 is a very nice versatile kit zoom, but not wide enough for me. Not the worst option for the portraits but good fast prime would be much better.

Personally I don't like cheap XC line lenses at all. They are reasonablE compromise between price and IQ, but lack of aperture ring and power zoom is unacceptable for me.

Is you want to have only one versatile zoom i think you should consider XF 16-55.



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