Sony banding issues

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Re: Sony banding issues

nbeiii wrote:

I've been shooting A9 and A9ii since they started shipping. Everyone got hung up on banding at the outset.

I can only speak from my experience - tens of thousands of images All using electronic shutter, many in low light (sports, concerts).

I had banding issues with images from ONE concert - lighting was awful (overhead sodium vapor, Led spot-lighting, some incandescent floods, and a handful of fixtures I didn't recognize.

I only banding on images taken during a particular combination of light colors, leading me to believe that the issue had to do with a particular lighting device. Others have drawn the same conclusion, but with a better understanding and explanation of the specific lighting tech causing the problem.

Led light striping can be a serious problem even with full mechanical shutter. Here is an example from a concert I shot last week, with led lights and stage smoke. The banding is clearly visible along the left edge, even though I have done some editing to reduce the effect. This is shot using an A9II, but even this camera is useless with electronic shutter in this setting.

View: original size

Here's a link to the blog post to see the picture(s) uncompressed by dpreview.

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