A7C Shutter shock?

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Re: A7C Shutter shock?

Kumimajava wrote:

I've been primarily shooting Sony for the past 5 years, and the A7riii is my main camera. Was considering getting the A7C as a second body, mainly for video to replace my old A7rii (which can record unlimited length video due to the "open memories" app).

I finally got to try the A7C in person on Saturday - and was somewhat shocked by something that NONE of the online reviews have mentioned yet: a rather considerable "kick" that you feel from the shutter.

I had my a7riii for a side-by-side comparison, and while the shutter sound may be similarly loud, the feeling of "vibrations" passing through the camera body was much smaller. In both A7r's (mk2 and mk3) the body barely moves - the A7C twitched perceptibly. Whether or not this translates into any blur in actual photos, I don't know - but it was not an encouraging experience. I think the old A7rii is not getting replaced...

For anyone else who has tried the A7C - did you similarly feel that the shutter shock is more than expected - or was the unit I tested perhaps wonky (though, I doubt it - it was at the main Yodobashi Camera shop in Tokyo, one day after the A7C's launch).

I'm afraid I haven't yet had the opportunity to handle an a7C. As Magnar W mentions, electronic first curtain shutter operation (EFCS) only activates a mechanical shutter curtain to end the exposure cycle (i.e. after the exposure has been made) and so its vibration will not affect the shot - except perhaps theoretically in fast burst shooting, if by some remote chance the vibration from the closing and reopening of this "second" shutter curtain sets up enough vibration that it hasn't died down by the time the next exposure in the sequence takes place. This is a theoretical supposition on my part, as I've never seen anyone report such an effect - in any brand - whilst EFCS is in use.

Sony states that the a7C has EFCS, but I note that it lacks the menu item of other a7 models to turn this feature on and off, which suggests its mechanical shutter operation is permanently in EFCS mode (there are a fair few mirrorless cameras, including some previous Sony models, that do operate the mechanical shutter only in EFCS mode and such designs often have shutters which only possess one shutter curtain, the closing/second one. A by-product of this is that the shutter mechanism can be made more compact which would obviously be helpful in the design aims of the a7C.

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