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The Davinator wrote:

Nightanday wrote:

Hi, I am also very tempted by Fuji’s fantastic medium format cameras. However, as a current a7III user I am wondering if any of you medium format users sometimes miss a faster autofocus, especially with continuous shooting. From what I understand it must be rather slow in comparison. I understand it is not that important when shooting landscape or posed portraits. But I also love to shoot my 6y old kids.Posing often doesn’t work at all or maybe only a few seconds and a more spontaneous shooting style and fast AF is needed (and the results are often much better and more natural.) How limiting is continuous shooting with these bodies in your opinion? Is it usable at all?


Depends upon your purpose. I have the Fuji 50r and the focus works just fine for me. I’ve not missing anything doing portraits or landscape...and some street. The 50r and 110 lens is probably one of the best systems for portraiture...period.

If you are looking for a high speed body, no MF body will fit the bill. That said, they are faster than most of the FF bodies from a decade or so ago...and I wasn’t missing shots for weddings, etc, then.

Maybe try one out. Between those of us who have actually used and own the gear...and you trying it...all your questions should be answered.

I agree - it is not for super fast tracking and definitely won't lock and track as well as something like the Sony - but when I got mine I had an expectation of only being able to shoot static subjects, and this was a long way from reality - for portrait work , family work, relatively moderate speed subjects it is absolutely fine.

As above, if it gives you an idea, I have shot more than one wedding entirely with the GFX50S, and it was no problem at all - that's not like a sports shoot, but it sure is a lot faster moving than a studio portrait, and you are trying to catch moving kids and families during those too

This little lad had a dynamic run up to this quick snapped shot, and it kept him fine (the blur is shutter speed where I was shooting portraits nearby at 1/200 and just turned to catch him in action a bit quick)

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