Sony banding issues

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Re: Sony banding issues

nbeiii wrote:

I've been shooting A9 and A9ii since they started shipping. Everyone got hung up on banding at the outset.

I can only speak from my experience - tens of thousands of images All using electronic shutter, many in low light (sports, concerts).

I had banding issues with images from ONE concert - lighting was awful (overhead sodium vapor, Led spot-lighting, some incandescent floods, and a handful of fixtures I didn't recognize.

I only banding on images taken during a particular combination of light colors, leading me to believe that the issue had to do with a particular lighting device. Others have drawn the same conclusion, but with a better understanding and explanation of the specific lighting tech causing the problem.

Agree. The basic problem is the light source which may flicker both with intensity and color during the 50/60Hz cycle. Sometimes the flickering rate is faster than 50/sec. This is not a specific digital camera problem. It was a well known issue already in the film days. Whether this flickering is seen on the picture depends on the shutter speed (mechanical shutter) or sensor readout speed (electronic shutter). The A7 series cameras have a slow readout speed, while the A9 seires have a faster readout. The A9 tolerates flickering light better with electronic shutter than the A7 series, By using mechanical shutter and choosing a shutter speed below the cycle speed (1/50 sec and slower) the flickering can be prevented in the pictures. Some faster shutter speeds may also be used provided they are in good sync with the flickering rate. Finally, there are the anti flicker option in the camera which can be set via the menu.

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