a7Siii Memory Card Failure

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a7Siii Memory Card Failure

Hey everyone. Looking to see if anyone is having this trouble and maybe start a thread.

Just got the a7Siii and experienced card failure. Card is not completely unusable. Details below.


Sony (SF-E256) 256gb SDXC UHS-II V60 Card

Situated in Slot 1 on the camera


Day 2 of using the camera 
Record settings:

XAVC HS 4K 24p | 50M 4:2:0 10bit
Amost exclusively short clips under 1 min
Total shooting time on this day, about 1 hour total footage shot on and off over the period of about 4 hours.

I have ordered a bunch of new cards and am going to run dual card setups from now on.

I have shot canon for over a decade, and been lucky enough to never have a card fail.
disappointing to have a sony card fail on a sony camera within the first 72 hours of owning both of them.

Anyone else having any trouble with the a7siii so far?

Spending the last day or so reading forums, it seems that there were problems with older sony cards at one point (this card isnt on that list) as well as a while with sony cameras not playing well with Sandisk cards.

But in the case that this becomes a persistent issue, I thought it might be nice to document it in a thread here.

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