90D underexposing with EF lens

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Re: 90D underexposing with EF lens

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If I have a badly underexposed image that's exactly what I see on the rear screen when examining the image while chimping, or If I am shooting in live view.

All I can say is, your experience differs from mine. I have found the LCD screens are not to be relied upon for the exposure that I want.

The LCD on many Canon cameras has an “Auto” mode where a little ambient light sensor, by the power switch on mine, is used to determine the rear LCD brightness. In this mode the brightness can vary a lot, and can be fooled if your strap or finger covers that sensor. Or, you can set a fixed brightness level which should give a closer indication of exposure. I personally just rely on experience and if the exposure looks OK it is probably close enough to fix in post. I am too lazy to look at the histogram, or it is pointless in fast moving wildlife photography situations that I often shoot.

I find that while chimping on astro shots with both 70D and 80D, the LCD image turns out to be significantly brighter than the actual photo.

Once, I thought I had a good photo then discovered at home how dark it actually was.

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