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Re: Telephoto for Landscapes A7rIV

SafariBob wrote:

mreynolds767 wrote:

Hoping for some advise.

I own and have used the Sony FE 70-300 for a few years; been very pleased with it.

I must have a sharp copy as I have taken some very nice images with it but always felt it would be nice to have an extra 100 mm or more of reach and at least based on the ratings I have seen probably the worst performer of the lens I own on the A7rIV

Since I am usually a wide angle landscape shooter I don't have as much experience as many on this forum on the long end of things.

I really don't care about wide open performance or the aperture as I am most likely going to be at F8 or so and using it on a tripod for things like the Moon, Distant Lighthouses, Mountains, fields of flowers, etc... Some larger wildlife is possible.

Me using the lens for portraits, birds in flight, sports, is possible but not likely enough for me to buy any of these lens for that purpose so not wishing to pay extra for better performance in those areas.

Weight and size is a factor but not a huge consideration.

Cost is a consideration.

Performance on the A7rIV 61 MP sensor is also a concern.

I use my 70-300 in the 120-300 range I would say. Have better lens at 75/85, etc... so would need to be over 100 before I ever reach for it.

Options: Sigma 100-400 ; like the fact I would gain 100 mm of reach and the size seems OK. Are the optics any better though? ; would cost me a couple hundred+ to sell the 70-300 used to get one even though new the 70-300 cost more than the Sigma does. Believe it is recommend to also buy a tripod foot on this one. Overall though it is the lowest cost possible upgrade.

Sony 100-400 GM ; would expect best IQ for this and tempted by it. Size and weight is a bit of a turnoff and don't love the White ; but really cost is likely biggest reason I have not pulled the trigger on this. The ability to down the road add a Sony TC is also a nice feature of this lens.

Sony 200-600 ; If I am going to spend so much on a tele lens maybe I should go for the ultimate reach advantage? Can get one of these for less than the Sony 100-400 ; Is above 400 overkill for landscapes? and have heard bad things about it and the A7rIV but that might just be AF issues for things like BIF?

Rumors of a coming Tamron 150-500? Or anything else I should hold out for?

Nice gallery, I would go for the sigma 100-400 and add a 200-600 down the line for wildlife if you want. Would also consider using the 28-200, thinking it could be a great options for landscape usage

I have and quite enjoy the Sigma 100-400. No complaints about image quality, but I may sell it and pick up the Sony 100-400 at some point in the future for the slightly more assured autofocus and the close focusing capability. I guess know your needs, if it is purely for landscape, the Sigma should be perfect.

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