I went all in with the z system

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Re: I went all in with the z system

I don't think its a bad thing at all. Every camera/system/format has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In my view I look at image quality first, which, when everything is equal, comes down to the lenses. Then I'm looking at usability, but if the one of the first benchmarks fail, I'm actually not interested. It's always a compromise, but that potentially makes you a better operator and keeps your mind fresh. From the UI standpoint I really like my Hasselblads, but fo low light/ available light they're a challenge to say the least.

The Nikon Z system delivers outstanding results, that to me feels a notch above regular 35mm digital capture (lenses!!), and the technology doesn't get in the way, so I'm happy to compromise a bit portability for this. Also, the single Focal length lenses do help (a bit, still large compared to Leica M).

At this point this is there last system I'll let go, and yes, i'm upgrading asap to replace hopefully my Sony A9 II kit (if the AF improves dramatically).

keep on shooting...

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