DXO PhotoLab's DeepPrime and GPU configuration

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DXO PhotoLab's DeepPrime and GPU configuration

As people start downloading and testing out DeepPrime on their systems, the question of which GPU, who's GPU, and the configuration around the GPU (ie memory) starts being more important as there are hundreds of GPUs out there in thousands of configurations.

The assumption is that the more money one pays, the faster the results. That's probably true but there is, like most things, a point of diminishing returns - ie how fast of a GPU set-up is fast enough or what configuration provides the most value?

Of course, value is in the eyes of the beholder so realistically for something like retouching, we have a different set of eyes depending on their goals.

So, let's start a discussion on which GPU configuration makes sense in terms of value for the money in various categories:

1. The Professional - for those who pound through hundreds of images a day or needs to shave some time off of each image processed - ie the professional. What's the best high end lower price GPU?

2. The Advanced Amateur - for those who may have to process their vacation or event shots but not in the hundreds per day but rather 20 to 30 and would like not to have to wait forever for a result.  Can they buy a previous generation GPU on the used market or a new entry level GPU?

3. The Amateur - for those who do a few per day before they may share the image with friends or family and would like a save themselves from waiting a minute or two per image.  Can they get away with finding or using an older GPU (ie from an old gaming rig) and get decent results?

In terms of GPU configuration,

A. Which GPU?

B. How much GPU memory?

C. Performance improvement over No-GPU used?

D. Price?

This should not be a discussion about quality of the result (ie DeepPrime is better than Prime) as there are multiple threads on that subject.

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