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toomanycanons wrote:

I want good IQ, just like the next guy, but as you say, Mako2011, it's all about practical use. After shooting with my D7500 a ton, I began taking it instead of my D6xx cameras along with me on my work trips. I'd found no "practical" difference between them. The slight difference in dynamic range means nearly nothing, the noise levels difference between my D7500 and my D6xx cameras was practically negligible, DxO numbers notwithstanding.

The OP is not happy with the noise level of his D5100 above ISO 250, with that in mind my recommendation to consider a D610 seemed to be a reasonable solution to what he is looking for. If iso 250 is the limit on his D5100, the D7500 isn't going to be much of an improvement.
As to the DXO numbers, I'd suggest they are spot on the money, just last night I was shooting astrophotography with both the D7500 and the D610 on tripods beside each other, my best mate had his D7200

The results are clear, a full stop (at least) noise advantage which is a huge advantage in this instance, the difference between shooting at ISO 1600 or 800, or half shutter speed for higher iso value...

Interesting that 1 stop is considered a ' huge advantage.

I mean , we are not talking film...nor 12 year old cameras.

If one was to use DXO PL with PRIME, I would think most would not see that 1 stop difference.

ISO 800 and 1600 on even the D7500 would not really show much difference, me thinks.

Deep PRIME is said to improve , over PRIME, giving more details , while removing noise, with less artifacts...or so I read ( from.users, not from DXO)

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