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Re: Sony banding issues

Hi, first thing to note is that this issue will happen with artificial lights. So, if you shoot with natural light with the electronic shutter, you won't have banding issues at all, but you could get image distortion, which is another issue.

so I read about bending issues. Is it only happening when using silent shutter?

It can happen with the mechanical shutter, but very rarely, so the answer is "mostly yes". This is a problem with all cameras except the ones with a global shutter.

There's also the flickering issue, which some people think is banding, but you can use the anti flicker setting, with mechanical shutter.

And at certain shutter speeds?

And at fast enough shutter speeds too. If you take a shot at 1/30s, you shouldn't have any banding, and 1/60s might be good too. The A7R4 sensor scanning speed is around 1/30s, so anything faster than that can potentially create banding.

In general, it's a good idea to have your shutter speed match the artificial light frequency (or multiples of it), well this works really well with the A9, but the A9 has a 1/160s readout speed, so 1/60 and 1/125 would be good options. The problem is that the R4 has a slower readout speed, as I mentioned above, so 1/60 and 1/120 might not help so much, but still better than other values.

Note: this is assuming the light source has a frequency of 60 or 120Hz. It could be 50/100 in other regions.

Note2: you might also not get any banding at all even with artificial lights and a high shutter speed, but the only way to know is to do test shots. This involves luck though. The recommendations I gave above, for example the 1/30s or slower shutter speed, will almost guarantee no banding at all.

i do shoot weddings as a second shooter and events and was thinking of getting the a7III next year if I do get to shoot weddings. It would be my main camera for weddings and events and my A7rIV would be my back up.

i am new to mirrorless cameras and new to Sony.

so how to avoid b no banding?



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