It would be nice if

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Re: It would be nice if

tony field wrote:

JahnG wrote:

if challenge voters easily could give a short anonymous comment at the same time as they vote.

that's humorous. Why does everyone want to be anonymous, unidentified and non-existent. Are they that embarrassed with who they are and don't want to be identified by the childish nature of their commentary?

You are quite right. However, I fear that few voters like to give not so good feedback to entered photographs.  Not because the comments are embarrassing, but  because some entrants can't stand negative comments and might harass the voters who have dared to give negative feedback. (I recall hearing about such behavior)

Please also bear in mind that non anonymous comments have "always" been possible, but are in reality only used on the winning picture in a challenge. Seldom, if ever have I seen comments upon low voted photographs (other than "your picture is quite good"). Naturally there is the risk of anonymous comments only saying "this is crap", BUT, even a few words WHY it is considered to be crap would in my view be much more valuable than sole 0.5 stars!

In the old days of the monthly print Club commentary was direct verbal and you knew exactly who said what about your images. Strong negative and positive comments we're par for the course and we all went out for a beer after the meeting and had fun with no animosity. Sometimes the verbal commentary continued over the beer if there was an exceptionally good image or if a normally good photographer supplemented an unexpectedly poor image

Sounds good.

It seems that DPR hasn't for some time allocated resources to make changes to the challenges. However, some time ago, (perhaps in 2019), DPR made some changes to their system, (possible concerning the use of Java script??), so it seems that changes are made when the need arise Perhaps enough members need to ask for changes?

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