Any suggestions for maintaining detail with darker parts of the photo and toning down brighter part?

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Re: Any suggestions for maintaining detail ....

Bill Ferris wrote:

Then why did you misrepresent the comments in that post as "not include[ing] a method/indicator that the highlights are pushed to the right and are about to clip."? Clearly - well, to someone who does photography it's clear - the in-camera JPEG histogram is a useful field tool for evaluating exposure and ISO settings to determine if highlights will be clipped.

You don't really see the difference between 'not clipped' and 'must be about to clip'? Please check my previous message with a bit more detailed explanation.

So, you recommend photographers prioritize their choice of shutter speed and f-stop to achieve an optimal histogram profile.

No. Obviously you're still free to walk the exposure triangle and tweak aperture, shutter speed and ISO. As with any other technique that lands you on certain aperture and shutter values.

Thatat is quite possibly the worst advice one can offer on how to maintain detail while maximizing exposure. It's terrible advice because it completely ignores the photographer's creative vision for the photo they're making. That vision places limits on the range of shutter speeds and f-stops that will produce the desired result.

Come on. First it's not my advice, it's a known technique. I'm just explaining it here. Apparently not everyone is familiar with it.

Second, it doesn't really put any additional constraints. On the contrary, once you have the initial 'best' exposure, you have more room to diverge from it if you really need to.

That's not ETTR.

That was ETTR by definition.

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