I went all in with the z system

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Re: I went all in with the z system

I never meant to imply these are great pictures. I just meant to say these files are capable of holding up to big enlargements which I am doing now taking pictures to2x4 feet. I will not start an argument whether there is any worth to these pictures but the only thing I disagree with is that equipment does not matter, that depends on what your trying to do. If all you want is a clean 8x10 any camera will do that. But if you want super size enlargements then the z system is really good at this price point. If your thing is street photography you would be alot better off with a small fuji with a 23mm fixed lens using Acros BW. So its an old saying right tool for the job. So I  see you have a 200-500mm lens because you like to shoot birds , while I have no need for this lens.  In my case I had a complete fuji system which fell short for super enlargements and thats why I switched even though I enjoyed shooting with it more.

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