I went all in with the z system

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Re: I went all in with the z system

KR Photo wrote:

Atahualpa wrote:

KR Photo wrote:

I think your response might have made some sense had he posted these images in the landscape forum, but this is primarily about gear, and he had questions about gear.

But eve so, your response just insults him and then just lazily lists some YouTube sites. If you’re going to offer unsolicited criticism, make it constructive criticism—otherwise known around here as CC.

Who are you to tell me what he thinks? If he likes cc he can ask for it in the appropriate forum. I gave feedback, because I strongly think gear should not be his primary concern. The resources I listed is carefully curated. I am offended you think it was a lazy listing...

Who are you to tell him what you think of his pictures? He didn’t ask for it. And what you gave wasn’t constructive.

Please show me where I critiqued one of his pictures. Presenting a list of helpful educational content is constructive feedback. You could stop picking on me, because ranting about how I take the liberty to give some general feedback is not any more constructive than what you criticize me of. I think or at least I hope that I used a friendly tone, and specifically and explicitly mention that no offense should be taken. I don't know who you think I am, but really I am not a mean spirited soul. Can we settle this peacefully?

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