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Exactly, it’s about the lenses

But wondering if anyone actually compared 135 GM or Sigma FE 105/1.4 Art (which is very heavy but equally sharp as 135 GM with even better bokeh) on A7r IV vs Fuji 110 on GFX-50s/r?

I would love to see that comparison.

I can't take side by side images, but I may be able to find comparable images with similar conditions if it is of interest - I shot the 110 on the GFX50S and the 135GM (and the sigma 105 although I was never as impressed with that for some reason) on the A7Riv, I'll see what I can dig out of the archives if you like

So basically you concentrate into one specific area - tonality in one specific application - portrait.

I am curious to see comparison in sharpness and resolution between above two sets in other applications such as landscape, architecture etc. Is Fuji 110 really sharper than 135 GM or Sigma 105/1.4 Art or pretty comparable?

Well, yes - because I am a portrait photographer by and large.

I wouldn't get hung up on sharpness - if sharpness is your primary quantifier, you won't ever be unhappy with the 135mm GM, it is an insanely sharp lens.  I imagine close to unbeatably so, it's wonderful.

The 110mm is still the better lens though. 

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