Problem adapting the new Voigtlander 35 f2 ultron using K&F Adapter

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ProfHankD Veteran Member • Posts: 7,522
Some piece of glass isn't right

NaughtyNautilus wrote:

35mm F2 ultron at F8, focus set to the lables

In a word, NO!

That image shows a huge amount of barrel distortion -- which the 35mm f/2 ultron isn't supposed to have (e.g., see the images here ). One way or another, there's a piece of glass that isn't in the right place. If it's not glass in your adapter, it's a flipped, grossly incorrectly positioned, or just plain missing element.

There is a very slim chance that, if it is a floating element design, the rear focus being way off might cause the floating correction group to do this, but again, very unlikely. It looks to me like you have a lens that was either incorrectly serviced, undetected as bad as a failure of quality control, or was somehow damaged in shipping (element came loose?). Does the lens make a sound if you shake it?

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