Any suggestions for maintaining detail with darker parts of the photo and toning down brighter part?

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Re: Any suggestions for maintaining detail ....

Bill Ferris wrote:

Quarkcharmed wrote:

Don Lacy wrote:

Exposing for the highlights is To expose the scene to the point were the highlights are about to clip even if this means the mid or shadow tones are at a darker value then the actual scene it does not mean underexposing the highlights and the mids and the shadows. ETTR is to expose the scene to the point were the highlights are about to clip even if this means the mids and shadows are at a brighter tone then the scene. It is the same technique with different goals.

Ok, purely from the technical point of view, the techniques that different people described in the beginning of this thread as 'exposure for the highlights' did not include a method/indicator that the highlights are pushed to the right and are about to clip.

The post you responded to at the start of this subthread recommends using the histogram in the field to confirm highlights aren't clipping.

Yes, I even responded to that part of the message, but that doesn't make it ETTR. That post recommended a number of methods, including spot metering on the bright water.

It's an absolutely crucial detail - you can use multitude of techniques to not get the highlights clipped, bit that's not the point of ETTR.

ETTR requires you to shift the histogram to the right until it's almost clipped. By adjusting the aperture and shutter speed, you have to arrive to a narrow window where the histogram is pushed to the right but there's no clipping.

If your method guarantees that, it's ETTR, otherwise it's not.

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