Any way to go above 1/4" in interval mode on a ZV-1? (electronic shutter)

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Re: Any way to go above 1/4" in interval mode on a ZV-1? (electronic shutter)

john Clinch wrote:

You can't do LENR without a mechanical shutter because you need to be able to take a dark frame to subtract from exposure. As the sensor is likely to run hotter in a long sequence of exposures then maybe then maybe they decide that LENR was needed from 1/4 of a second. I can't see the being a mistake as its in multiple models

Me I'd just use the mechanical shutter

But they allow e-shutter to do up to 30 sec exposures when not in interval mode.

It doesn't matter if m-shutter or e-shutter is used, the fixed pattern noise from long exposures will be identical. When e-shutter is selected, most cameras disable LENR as it requires closing the m-shutter in order to take the dark frame. In most other modes this is the case. But they make a undocumented exception in interval mode. They prevent exposures longer than 1/4 sec when e-shutter is selected. If they were consistent, they would allow 30 sec exposures in interval mode with LENR automatically locked out.

Hot pixels do start to become a issue with exposures longer than about 0.25 sec. It should be up to the user if they want to use LENR. If they want to use that option, then they would use m-shutter with LENR enabled. But e-shutter shouldn't be limited just because you're shooting a timelapse sequence. If you used a external intervalometer, you wouldn't have the restriction.

But as you mentioned, I wouldn't worry about shutter wear and would simply switch to m-shutter and consider if I should disable LENR.

Update - In digging through the specs, I found another reason for a 1/4 sec shutter speed limit.

When ISO sensitivity is higher than IS0 3200, the slowest shutter speed limit is 1/4 sec. Manual setting of ISO sensitivity to lower than ISO 3200 is necessary to set shutter speed slower than 1/4. (except DSC-RX0, DSC-RX1, DSC-RX10, DSC-RX100 series models).

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