Thinking of selling up dSLR system for mobile

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Re: Thinking of selling up dSLR system for mobile

I used 35mm film SLRs (Pentax) for 3+ decades, then moved to DSLRs.  Then when I had a bit more time to travel and weekend trips in Europe came with 10Kg onboard baggage limits I got a Sony RX100 M2.  After that, the DSLRs rarely went out.  I use them occasionally - maybe twice a year - for playing about with copy/macro work etc.    Had a big trip to NZ 2 years ago, and decided to leave the heavy stuff at home - didn't regret it.  By then I had a Huawei P10 and over half the pictures I took were on the phone and were just as good in many respects.  Now I have a Huawei P30, the 'computational photograpy'  makes up for the smaller sensor and you have lots of manual control if you want.  So now the RX100 rarely goes out - had a week walking the N Yorkshire coast and one in the Dales, just took the phone.  Keep wondering why I have a drawer full of 'stuff' .

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