Autofocus on Nikon AF-S 70-300 VR stops working periodically

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Re: Autofocus on Nikon AF-S 70-300 VR stops working periodically

PerAE wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

If you can return this lens I would not wait for some repair shop estimate. You have already done all of the simple stuff. Any evaluation and repair is very likely to exceed the value of this lens and you will be hard pressed to recover the cost from the seller. Even a fixed rate lens repair facility like KEH quotes 320 USD for a zoom lens repair. The lens may have been sold because it was sitting unused in the seller’s closet, seller totally unaware of the issue; but more likely this lens was acting up before the sale. Let the seller decide if the lens is worth the cost of repair.

Yes, I understand that, but the seller wanted to hear what the repair shop thought before deciding what to do and I have no problem with that.

I think the seller didn’t know anything about the malfunction (and it’s also possible that it has been mishandled by the postal service), he seems like a really honest person

No matter what you do, do not sink any money into this. The lens clearly has a problem and this needs to be dealt with by the seller.

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