US price for a7Riv on black friday/cyber Monday

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Re: US price for a7Riv on black friday/cyber Monday

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I haven't really been following the price trends during the last holidays for cameras, but since I am in the market for a a7xx I was wondering if it is worth waiting for black friday/cyber Monday.

I was hoping and saving up for an a7iv, but the release was delayed and with the a7Riv being 1 year old now and dropping in price, I might just go for the r model.

It is back at $3500 at most places after some rebates last month, what would you guess the price will be this holiday season. New, open box or used (E+ condition)?

I am not really in a rush but would like to have it under the Christmas tree.


Honest question: Is there anything specifically you need out of the (R)IV instead of the RIII. (Ergonomic changes, 2 UHS-II card slots, there are answers to this)

It's getting dated, but it's still the last 4XMP camera they made, and is quite usable in 2020.

Also goes for ~$2300 during sales these days.

Because I rented an RIV and the noise was so high even at ISO 100 while the files were so huge and DOF was so razor-thin I figured I'd wait. 43MP is plenty.

/Waiting on the A7 IV just like you.

That's odd. I certainly don't see high noise at ISO 100, and I've been using mine for a little over a year. I consider the A7R IV a significant upgrade over the A7R III.

I wonder if you got a bad rental?

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