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Miamistan wrote:

I have owned a z7 for a year and a half now having only the 24-70mm f 4. At the same time I have 3 Fuji bodies and eight Fuji lenses. I find the fuji is a better shooting experience more classic analog dials and I really loved some of the in camera film simulations. Fuji is also easier to carry around and less obtrusive for street photography. Although my Fuji has produced good images I sold all of my Fuji gear because I now shoot mostly landscape and their can be no denying the Nikon produces cleaner files detailed files. So yesterday I bought a z5 with the 24-50 lens to replace the Fuji as my walkaround camera. I also picked up the 14-30 f4 and the 35mm 1.8g which I use for my low light photography. For telephoto I ordered the 70-300 apf and the last two lenses I will use on the ftz. I had an 85 1.8 g left over from my old Nikon system which was a d610 which I sold for the lighter weight Fuji. I've kept my Panasonic lx100m2 for street photography because is really Small and makes great incamera BW.

I am having buyers regrets because I love the handling of the Fuji but the z system image quality is just superb. I will start to post some pictures in this forum of work done on the z series

Old Mill Smokey Mountains z7 24-70 f4

St Marys 12 Century Church England

Feedback often comes when you least expect it, right? I want to say, I am not here to offend you. But to put it quite frankly, there's a certain quality in those images that I am missing. My advice is to learn more about some photographic techniques and theories than worry about gear and to develop a photographic eye. You have awesome gear, whether it was the Fuji, the Panasonic, or the Nikon. Going from Fujifilm to Nikon, I don't know what you expected, but you have to work on your technique and not on your gear.

Here's some recommendations:

1. Mark Denney: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujr_HrX3ThMb34DV5YXHIg

He has a channel full of educational content for landscape photographers. He has both on-location tips and post-processing tips. He is very open, supportive and friendly and runs a business based on youtube being his public display. I watched him for a while, but I am not into landscape, so I dropped the channel. I think watching some of his videos you can profit quite a lot.

2. Advancing your photography: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYY0OELyiUyMfYHn0ZL6vw

Marc Silber has a very supportive and friendly channel that helps people with growing in photography. They have some very good interviews. I particularly like the ones with Bob Homes, a former photographer for national geographic. He gives excellent advice. In addition they do C&C every once in a while for user submitted photos. These are VERY helpful!

3. The SnapChick: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2hubjuU7U4zIc_UpG-hFqA

Another landscape and sometimes also wildlife photographer. I have the impression she hikes a lot and carries a ton of equipment around each time. She has less of a public display than Mark Denney, but she has a lot of educational content if you join her channel as a paying member (I do not, because again I am not into landscape).

4. Ricci Talks: https://www.youtube.com/c/RicciTalks/videos

Ricci is a Nikon employee in the UK and thus has a very gear-focused channel. But at the same time he is a landscape photographer that goes out and uses his Nikon equipment in landscape photography. He says he does a lot of long exposure landscapes. Don't so much look at his lens comparison videos, but those that relate the Z7 and landscape photography.

5. Matt Irwin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQ120w-el6FqOU7qt1iRew

Another landscape photographer, he has a big heart for Nikon, but also has other brands that he uses. He is talking more about the industry and his equipment. But, he also has on-location shoots where you can watch him take pictures. He is a professional photographer and does landscapes mostly in the area of Melbourne, Australia. So more urban. He's a very polite and friendly mate.

Often we think the gear is so important and with the best gear we can make the best photos. However most often, the better location, the more knowledge on color theory, on composition, on post-processing skills, on a sense for moments, is worth more than the best camera that is available to date. Otherwise, how could any photographer produce any great photo in the last 100 years? The equipment they had back then was always much worse than what is offered today.

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