Can i adapt this lens to a fuji x system?

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Re: Can i adapt this lens to a fuji x system?

qGeE wrote:

I have found this post thats selling this broken camera, but the lens is working, i am wondering if i can adapt it to my xt100.

very good chance it can be adapted, or better, refitted.

If the lens can not be detached (by design) it probably can be extracted. I have done that to many fixed-lens cameras, some becoming my favorite lenses. There will be tiny screws possibly under the leatherette that will allow the lens block to separate from the body of the camera.

The focusing mechanism (helicoid) can sometimes be saved but often I prefer to simply use the optical block and rehouse it in a generic off-the-shelf aftermarket helicoid designed to fit my camera system. Now, bear in mind that you have to be a bit handy and be prepared to do some tinkering/filing/gluing, the results however can be outstanding.

Here is a F.Zuiko 32mm f1.7 refitted to work on Olympus Micro 4/3

refitted F.Zuiko 32mm f1.7 on Olympus E-P5

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