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New Day Rising wrote:

Barry Twycross wrote:

tony field wrote:

JahnG wrote:

if challenge voters easily could give a short anonymous comment at the same time as they vote.

that's humorous. Why does everyone want to be anonymous, unidentified and non-existent. Are they that embarrassed with who they are and don't want to be identified by the childish nature of their commentary?

Mainly because honest comments aren't the norm, or welcome.

There is that. "Robust" feedback tends to result in rather robust arguments and robust hurt feelings.

I usually assume that the participants in the challenges are all mature adults and can tolerate some robust discussion. I cannot see any reason why people should be forced  to provide any commentary on their voting

If the comments are identified, does that conflict with the broader principle that voting is anonymous?

Which could be in conflict with the fact that commentary on the images in the challenges are all fully identified by the poster of the comment. The identity of the person who post a picture to the challenge is identified after the challenge has been completed. The voters however maintain Anonymous identity. By my logic what is good for the goose is also good for the gander

Anonymity seems to be the prevalent adopted religion on dpreview

I really like your suggestion that people have to provide a reason for 0.5 and 1.0 star ratings. My only concern (aside from the anonymity one above) is that it may artificially push people towards giving 1.5 star ratings for entries they really thought were worth 0.5, but couldn't be bothered writing a comment for. For the lazy, it might be much easier just to give it 1.5 and move on.

Still, it is a good suggestion. Anything that helps to cut down the 0.5 star votes that are just down to try and pull down good images is worth it.

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