ES and EFCS question

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ES and EFCS question

This is a question about Electronic Shutter and Electronic First curtain shutter.

Is there any advantage to EFCS compared to ES?

I am not able to see any difference, conceptually.

I understand there are some disadvantages in ES compared to mechanical. So what does EFCS add, does it mitigate any of the problems that ES has?

I initially thought it was like a 'half point' between the two but the more I thought about it the more it seems like there is no difference whatsoever between them.

Could someone explain?

Also, just to further broaden the discussion. Many times the problems and differences are discussed in the setting of fast or super fast shutters speeds, like 1/2000-8000. What about slower shutter speeds?

Could someone also consider that in the response, like here is what happens up to this shutter speed, then it switches? Or is the behavior with respect to which we are discussing is consistent regardless of the speed?

It seems there may be a difference if the shutter is set to slower or faster than the sensor readout speed that the two shutters will behave differently?

I am now having more problems understanding the behavior with slow shutter speeds in ES vs EFCS with slow shutter settings.


I sort of understand when you would use electronic and when you would use mechanical but not sure I see any reason to use EFCS. Either you have to use this or that, EFCS would not help with the problems of either when those problems are present and necessitate switching to the other. It's almost like either mechanical or ES, forget about EFCS.


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