NVME SSD or SATA 2,5 for PC build?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: NVME, then SATA

Morris0 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Ron Zamir wrote:

Yes, the NVME would go on the motherboard.

...I guess the only downside would be in not being able to remove the drives and put them into an external enclosure for some sort of utility purpose...

There are lots of external cases for NVME drives. This is the first one that came up in a search


Thanks!   It doesn't surprise me that there's something like that available, for me personally the biggest drawback is that I'd have to actually go out and buy it rather than just sticking the SSD into my SATA drive dock.

Again, not really a big deal and it didn't stop me from buying two SSDs in the M.2 form factor.

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