HP ENVY 17" laptop won't power on

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HP ENVY 17" laptop won't power on

At first I thought the AC wall switch wasn't pushed on, but I've plugged this PC into many other wall sockets and it won't power on/bootup or show any signs of life.

The only thing I noticed was a very very small white light near the power jack area.

Model 117t-ce000

Product ID: SDC71AV

This laptop is rarely used, maybe once or twice per week, its about a year old and previously to today, when I'd open the cover it would instantly power on..

Please advise...

btw, I'm not sure if the power adapter is supposed to have a light, I don't see anything lit up when I push it in a wall outlet or power strip.

Although the power adapter isn't "warm", the PC IS!

I looked on the backside of laptop and there doesn't appear to be a battery remove/replace like on many laptops..Guess I'll have to get a screw driver and open it up?

FOLLOWUP: 5 minutes later, I held down the start/stop button for 15 seconds and then laptop POWERED ON and said "recover/repair" mode or something like that..

The laptop is now fully plugged in[power adapter to wall AC]and it appears to be CHARGING...:-)

Maybe, the worst is behind me, couldn't get it to power on in several hours, guess I needed to hold down the power on/off button for over 15 seconds and it mysteriously rebooted..more later..

Maybe, I just lucky...

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